Discord User

Documentation regarding fetching a users discord information.

Generates a basic response includes user id, global name, display name etc, we use this api only for fetching information that is publicly available through the discord api.

Required parameters


Example usage

Base URL: https://api.cordx.lol/v3/users/fetch/:userId

Example Request
const fetch = require('node-fetch');
await fetch('https://api.cordx.lol/v3/users/fetch/510065483693817867')
.then((res) res.json())
.then((u) => {
    await console.log(`${u.id} | ${u.globalName} | ${u.displayName} | ${u.username}`)
}).catch((e) => console.log(e.stack));

Example Response
  "id": "510065483693817867",
  "globalName": "Toxic Dev",
  "displayName": "Toxic Dev",
  "userName": "therealtoxicdev"

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